Better Safe Than Sorry when It Comes to Insurance for Your Home

As a new homeowner, I have learned that I need to protect my investment. I rented for many years, so many things were taken care of by the company that owned the places I lived in. In other cases, I was often lazy and just did not do what I should do to protected my various rental residences as I should have. But when I purchased my new home, many people said that I really needed to look for more information about getting my home insured so that I can take care of it as I should.

I must admit that I did not have renter’s insurance mostly because I did not want to spend the extra money. Separately, I was in denial. This means that I simply didn’t think that a fire, flood or something else could happen to the apartments I lived in. Yet, I saw those things happening to various homes and apartments on the news all the time. I have no idea why I was so naive.

So, after I bought a home, I finally looked into the insurance for my purchased home because so many people kept reminding me to do it. I thought it would be a pain to do, but it was really simple. I just went online and found a website that allows me to get the information I needed without having to sit on the phone a long time asking questions. After that, I simply called the 1-800 number provided on the website and told the representative what I was looking for. I was pretty happy that the price for my monthly premium is very affordable, too.

Just two months after I made sure my home was protected, one of my kid left a stove burner on unattended. A fire broke out in my kitchen. The fire department had to put it out, and no one was hurt. Thankfully, I was also fully protected and insurance stepped in and helped pay for the damage.