Callaway Golf Balls – They Are The Best

For the fan of Callaway golf balls one will ask, “What Callaway balls are best suited for my game?’’. The answer to that question lies in the type of game you play, finances, physical build and whether golf is a hobby or a serious profession and thus your handicap.

There are many Callaway golf balls ( to choose from. The balls that have been chosen for this article are ones that have received excellent reviews from amateur to professional golfers. The best way to help decide which one will be suited for you will be by looking at the following tips.

For the players looking for a Tour-feel and seek to unlock maximum distance there are two elite level balls to do this. Golfers with a medium to high swing speed, the suggested ball to use would be the Hex Chrome+ which offers increased speed and minimizes spin and it also offers stability in windy conditions. For the player with a swing speed less than 95 miles per hour or 153 kilometers per hour, the suggested ball to use would be the Hex Chrome. The controlled spin with these balls allows for a great feel on and around the green too.

When you are looking to combine getting long distances in together with short game spin and control, one would suggest using the Hex Hot Pro. It is designed in a way to offer higher lift for longer carry distance, increased ball speed and reduced backspin. If you have a slightly lower swing speed and still desire an all-round performance in the long and short game, try the Hex Hot which provides better lift at the lower swing speed and added in-flight stability.

The Hex Black Tour ball offers maximum spin to allow scoring shots allowing a great feel around the green. The ball has distance and less spin off the tee with great control with low irons.

If you play golf on a social basis, and are looking for value for money, one may consider the Hex Diablo which offers maximum distance with a soft feel off the club face. There is also the Hex Warbird that is built for distance seekers who want maximum flight along with a soft, high energy core.

The Hex Solaire is a very good ball for all types of golfers that have a swing speed that is less than 85 miles per hour or 137 kilometers per hour. The ball is very durable and works well from the driver to the wedges. This ball works well for women and senior golfers.

Hopefully this article will help you to decide on which Callaway ball is best suited for your circumstances. At the end of the day, the best way to know which ball will be best suited for you would be to try out the balls for yourselves and have a feel around the driving range and practice greens. This way you can try a couple of balls before deciding which one will help you enjoy your golfing experience.