GPS locating children phone watches

Among the greatest advantage of GPS phone watches are the children locating GPS function. That is the ideal solution to know at all times where child or an old man is.

These GPS watch features allow parents to know at any moment the exact location of their child or old person,  wherever they are in the world, to call the baby whenever they want from 2 preset phone numbers and the out of range GPS person can be automatically notified when leaves a safe area out of default preset. Also this GPS phone watch offer the possibility to listen to what happens on a distance of 10 m around of child, whenever want, without being aware of it.

gpswatchThe features and advantages of GPS phone watch are:

  • It carries at hand, just like a normal watch, showing time, date and GPS coordinates;
  • Loading outlet or computer USB jack. The duration of the battery is over 48 hours;
  • Send exact location of the child/old person to parents/tutors (their GPS coordinates). Father sends an SMS to the SIM number that’s inside the watch and will get back in a few seconds an automatic GPS coordinates of the child SMS; parents can check on child mobile phone / Smartphone or computer / laptop exact location on the map (Google Map or Yahoo Map);
  • Father may be prompted by SMS when the baby comes out of a predefined area of it. Thus, it can predefine an area, for example the child route from school to home, and when the baby comes out of this area parent is notified automatically via SMS;
  • The watch works as a mobile phone: within clock insert a normal SIM card from any mobile operator with a regular telephone number. The watch has two buttons for making phone calls to 2 preset phone numbers. Thus, can set call button no. One sound to father and call button no. 2 to call to mother. The call is initiated only by pressing one of the calls buttons a little bit longer. The watch has speaker and microphone. Also, any of the two preset numbers can dial the SIM card inside the watch, the child can answer to the call just by pressing a button;
  • The SOS function: in addition to the 2 call buttons also has an SOS button, which is initiated by a longer press it. When it is automatically triggered send an SMS to predefined numbers both with the text SOS and GPS coordinates of the child. Subsequently, in seconds, the watch automatically initiates a call to the first preset number. If the first number does not answer, the preset watch will immediately initialize another call to the second preset number. In this way the child can contact with one of the two parents, which were announced earlier via SMS as an emergency;
  • Remote listening function: clock has a unique and extremely useful feature – that listening from distance. The father sends an SMS with a code to SIM card on the watch and will automatically receive a call back phone to the watch, making it possible to hear what is going on around the clock over a distance of 10m. At this time, there is no message on the watch, the child didn’t knowing that one of the parents listen to what is happening around it.

The ultimate advantage of the GPS phone watch is that  does not require a separate SIM card monthly and works only on one SIM card. The only operating costs are related to sending SMS and initiated calls generated by the two preset numbers. Given that most mobile companies have special packages with thousands of free minutes to call favorite numbers the cost will be insignificant.