I Needed a New Accounting Service

When my bookkeeper told me she was going to retire at the end of the year, I decided that I was going to hire an independent financial controller in Brisbane to take her place. She was more than just a bookkeeper to me, and I frankly did not trust anyone else to handle some of the non-accounting things she did. I figured it would just be better for me to absorb those duties during my work day, and then I could hire out strictly the financial aspects of what she has done to a controller.

This is not something I decided on spur of the moment. I had talked to my retiring bookkeeper at length, because I trusted her opinion more than anyone else on who would be most qualified to take over her duties. She is the one who suggested that I look at Live Balance, an accounting firm that is local to where I am located. Since she has been in the accounting world herself for nearly 30 years, she knows which companies are the best in the area, and this is the one company that got her gold seal of approval.

She agreed with my assessment on the non-financial issues, with me taking on the duties she would no longer do. However, she said that Live Balance has professional accountants who could not only do everything that she did with our finances, but they could do even more too, since they would also be able to run reports that can track everything from expenditures and tax reports to inventory. She even set up a meeting so she could also be there, and I felt extremely comfortable from the start. It was hard saying good bye to her, and I definitely miss her. It is great that such a competent company has replaced her though!