Intech Golf Balls – Your Guide

intech golf ballsAny seasoned golfer will tell you that the ball matters. The golf balls are professionally crafted to meet the aerodynamics that is desired to have a good play. The balls require specific crafting with an understanding on the physics behind movement of the balls. One of the notable makers of golf balls is Intech.

Intech Golf Balls are known for their personalize design to match the tee that they are intended for. There are various brands of Intech Golf Balls. One factor that is common about these balls is that they are pricy. When getting one, you need to understand the brand that you are getting and select that best ball that will work for you. You need to know the best Intech Golf Balls and that is what I am going to take you through. 

Intech Golf Balls

There are two main types of Intech Golf Balls. These are the Intech Beta Ti and the Intech Beta Ti EXD. In as much as the balls are made by the same manufacturer and share the brand, they are different.

What to look for when getting the Golf balls

When selecting a golf ball, you need to know the technology of the cover. The technology of the cover of the balls determines the effect that you will get with every hit you make on the ball. Low compression technology for the cover is the best.

When selecting a golf ball do not forget to assess the technology of the core material. Other than the cover, the core matters. You need a ball that has a core that gives just the right velocity and impact with every hit. The weight should also be such that it matches the necessary aerodynamics of the golfing environment.

Intech Beta Ti vs. Intech Beta Ti EXD

The Intech Beta Ti is a golf ball that is deliberately designed to give every golfer a low compression distance golf play. If you are looking for a ball that gives you a soft feel around the green, then this is the ball for you. On the other hand, the EXD in Intech Beta Ti EXD implies extended distance. This is a ball that is specifically crafted to give you a good hit when you need long distance perfection.

The Intech Beta Ti coms with a thin cover technology. You get astounding distance with the cover technology. Both balls have a Surlyn Cover but the Intech Beta Ti has a thickness that works out better for average swing speeds.

On the other hand, the Intech Beta Ti EXD comes with a 2-piece construction and a large fluid metal core that is specifically intended for better results. The brand has taken advantage of the 432 dimple technology to come up with a golf ball that is unrelenting when it comes to precision and movement.

With better aim, superior technology, and ability to give explosive results, the Intech Beta Ti EXD is the brand to go for. This brand of Intech Golf balls is an improvement of Intech Beta Ti that is specifically designed to close any weakness of its predecessor. No wander it has a five star rating by most golf ball pundits.