Just About Ready to Go to Work for Real

Just about ready to go to work for real, but they still have to finish up my training. It is going to be a good while before the electric companies are going to give me the key to a big truck and let me go drive around fixing down power lines. For now I am riding shotgun for this old guy. He is pretty close to the age where he is ready to retire and so he gets to share his experience with young guys like me. Of course he also lets me do the physical stuff, which is a big part of the job. I guess that he could do that up to a point if he had to do it, but that is not his job. He pretty much supervises about a dozen other guys in a dozen other trucks. For the most part he is telling the other line men what they need to do.

Some guy has to be in charge out in the field though. It is not that good of an idea to have some dude in an office with air conditioning directing people who are out in heavy weather fixing down power lines. You have to see what is what and you have to point at things and tell everyone where they should go and what they need to do. It is important that some guy is in charge and it has to be a guy who knows what is what. It can not be some guy who read all this stuff in a book the way that I did. That really does not help you get ready to do this stuff. You need to get out in field and figure it out with your own two hands and see things with your own eyes.