Started out My New Job

I have started out my new job and I have a lot of responsibility. In fact I am the assistant to the manager of a firm which providers senior home care in Brooklyn NY and other adjacent parts of the New York city metropolitan area. There are a couple dozen traveling nurses and I have to make sure they all know where and when they are supposed to be to tend to the patients. Of course this is something where you are still well enough to live independently in your own residence, but you have health problems which need to be attended to. I have been picking up the job on the fly. The guy who used to do it sort of left them abruptly. From what I understand he apparently got himself an older woman with a lot of money. She apparently gave him enough money for an allowance so that he did not need a job. Of course I can not fault him for this, as I might do the same if I liked the woman and her money was thick enough. So far it has mostly been learning. The boss does not really trust me yet, because I could obviously create a lot of chaos if I did this stuff badly. Obviously you have to be sure that you have all of the nurses where they are supposed to be and you have to make sure that the patient knows that you are coming. The best thing is to have the same nurse come every week at the same time. A lot of the patients do not want to have a new nurse when they have gotten used to one of them. If you keep the time consistent it becomes a routine and is easy for them to keep track of.