The Stoop Looks Like It is Brand New

When the stoop started to fall apart, getting paving in Nassau County NY became an absolute must. Not only was the stoop a hazard for us climbing it to get into the brownstone, it was an eyesore. I did my usual dithering about getting it fixed until the neighborhood association started sending me increasingly nasty letters about getting it fixed. Coupled with some snark from the neighbors, I knew I needed to take action on it pretty quickly. Our association can actually force you to sell if you don’t comply with their demands and no one wanted that.

The problem I had was trying to avoid shady operators who would accept the job and then do a poor fix for the problem. It’s New York City after all and this place is awash in fast buck operators who are just out for the money. I had to do a lot of online research to figure out who I could trust. It wasn’t easy. But I finally did find a really good company who has been in business for years and has extensive experience in fixing city stoops. They’ve done so many of them I knew they would do a good job.

They came out and examined the stoop and suggested that they tear the whole thing out and start over. They explained that the building materials for the stoop were of poor quality and that is why it started to fall apart. The resulting work was a bit of a pain as we had to walk over boards to get into our home for about a week, but it was worth it when they finished up. We now have a beautiful stoop that is fancier than what most of our neighbors have. We expect it to last for decades as well.