They Might Be Small but They’re Smart

After my move to Singapore, my first day here was a humorous one. As I was moving everything in the new place I quickly realized that I wasn’t even going to get half of what I owned into the apartment. Oh, joy. Without planning to rent a storage place I had no choice but to find something nearby or I was going to be leaving a lot of my stuff outside! Luck was with me that day since there was a Store Friendly Self Service Storage place just down the street from me. That’s what I’m talking about!

It’s a serious bummer that these apartments are so small. I could go for something larger but they are absurdly expensive out here. I get it, they don’t have nearly as much space as most countries do but there’s a serious cost disparity between an apartment like mine (the size of a small studio, honestly) and one that could be considered of ‘average’ size back in the states. Even bigger and we’re looking at something that is so far out of my price range that I might as well be some high power executive with money falling out of my pockets, man!

It’s not so bad. The apartment has everything that I could want despite its relatively small size. They know how to design them in Singapore, that’s for sure, and everything is highly efficient – from the toilet to the lights. I like it especially so because the lights actually go out when they don’t register someone is inside the apartment! Since I’m the type of guy who often forgets to turn out the lights before I leave, this is great and has helped me a great deal on saving money with every electric bill. It might be small, but it’s smart.