Tips on How to Improve the Accuracy of You GPS Watch When Running

A GPS watch is a very useful item for any serious runner. It has the capability of recording the time you run as well as the distance. The accuracy of the technology is still low besides the watches being expensive. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from getting one as there are some things you can do to improve its accuracy. Below are some tips on how to improve the accuracy of your GPS watch.

i. Install the latest software
First and foremost, you need to ensure that both the unit and the chipset have the latest software. For some GPS product brands, these two require two different updates.

ii. Check the Satellite Connections’ Status for Your GPS Watch
This needs to be done before setting out to run. At times, reorienting the device can help to pick up additional satellites that wouldn’t have been acquired. Although the GPS unit will “attain satellites” based on 4 satellites, the accuracy is improved by the act of locking additional satellites. Furthermore, this also reduces the likelihood of totally losing a GPS signal among the sky-obscuring terrain or under the trees.

iii. Check On the Status of Your GPS Satellite throughout the Course
Preferably, you should pick-up new satellite locks on the way. This should be done especially after passing through canyons, forested areas, or when a large part of the sky has been obstructed by a particular peak for a moment; for instance when going over a steep mountain’s side. This can be done by holding the antenna of the unit toward the sky consistently as you are moving.

iv. Pick Up Lost Signals
This can be done by making use of any viewable graphic representation of locked & unlocked satellites on the GPS watch and orienting the satellite of the GPS Watch toward the direction that has the most non-locked satellites. Understand that even when you have a clear view of a satellite-signal, you need to be patient as it can take the main-part of an uninterrupted minute to get hold of a lock.

v. Force Your GPS Watch to Take More Frequent Measurements
This won’t necessarily improve the accuracy of your watch. Several wrist top units allow to be set on:
• Smart recording: This varies the rate of measurement basing on the rate of change of direction, speed, etc. This frequently takes a point every two seconds.
• Take measurements every second.
The smart recording option is generally plenty accurate whereas the “per second” option is only useful to a race-director measuring a course or comparable, but unusual usage. Keep in mind that the “per second” mode leads to the memory of the unit filling up more quickly, hence you should be sure that those extra points are necessary.

vi. Use Software to Improve Your Data
When you get back home, you can upload your data to particular algorithms which can clean up the elevation data. This software varies with the brands of the GPS watches. Ensure that you get the one that is appropriate for your brand. This has the potential to make a really big difference.

The technology of GPS watches will continue improving as time goes on. If you get one for yourself now, you won’t have any trouble using them in the future as you will already have familiarized with using them. The best place to get one is on GPS Watch Reviews. They can be used in any outdoor activity where you are interested in knowing the exact location you are in on the globe.