We Were Able to Switch to Another Company

When my husband and I bought our first house, we felt very confused on a lot of the paperwork. We were able to get our loan through our bank, and they are the ones that suggested that we go with the home insurance company that they refer to other customers. Without knowing better, we agreed and signed on the dotted line. Not much later, we were comparing stories with a friend who just bought a house, and she told us that she was able to get great insurance thanks to http://homeinsurance-deals.com/.

When we told her that we had already signed on with the one that the bank had suggested, she told us that we are not bound by any kind of agreement to stick with them. While we do need to have home insurance in order to have our mortgage through them, or anyone for that matter, we did not have to stick with the company that they were recommending to their customers. We went to the website that she told us about, and we were able to learn so much more about the intricate details of home insurance.

We were able to put some information into a form on the website, and that allowed us to get some quotes from reputable companies in our area. Some of them were local to us while others were national companies that have regional offices close to us. I really liked that we were able to do all of this online. If we had gone to each company’s place of business, we would have spent days getting the information that just a few minutes on this website gave us. We were able to find a company that offered a better policy at a much more attractive rate, and it was easy to switch to them.